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Happier Beauty’s Black Friday deal

At Happier Beauty, we love the idea of not only moving away from the mindless consumerism that Black Friday can spiral into, but also moving towards changing things for the better!

You’re probably aware of food banks, and how the need for their services has been rising and rising over the last few years (especially during the pandemic when we all became more aware of issues like free school meals.)

But there are other everyday essentials that we don’t tend to think about in the same way – personal care and hygiene products like shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste, soap and sanitary products. 

Happier Beauty Black Friday

Beauty Banks was started to meet the need for these items, with the belief that being clean is a human right. In a similar way to food banks, people can donate toiletries, and Beauty Banks partners with charities, associations, and schools to make sure these hygiene essentials get to people who can’t afford them.

We love the amazing work they’re doing, so this year we’ll be matching your purchases on Black Friday through to end of November – when you buy a tube of Happier Beauty toothpaste, we’ll donate a tube to Beauty Banks.

Black Friday 2021

As Vivienne Westwood said, let’s ‘buy less, choose well, make it last’.

And when it comes to toothpaste, your Happier Beauty purchase can do some extra good this Black Friday! Shop here.