Happier Beauty is now a Pending B Corp!

We are very proud to announce that Happier Beauty is now a Pending B Corp! 

What is a Pending B Corp I hear you ask? Well, B Corps (Better Corporations) are a community of organisations demonstrating their positive impact on people and the planet, as well as profit. Choosing products or services from certified B corporations is a great way to help make a positive difference. The B Corp logo shows you companies who are genuinely acting in a responsible way and having a positive impact on the world.

Pending B Corp has been set up by B Corporation for small start-ups to show their commitment to the B Corp ethos. Due to their small size and early stage many start-ups are not yet able to become a full B Corp member (like Happier Beauty) and so Pending B Corp status allows these start-ups to start their journey to full B Corp membership

To become a Pending B Corp, start-ups have to make a legally binding change to their internal structure to ensure that the B Corp mission is legally embedded within the business. This is the same legal change completed by full B Corp members.

The changes mean that the full BCorp mission is enshrined in Happier Beauty’s internal rules and regulations, meaning Happier Beauty must be run following the BCorp ethos. Actions speak louder than words, and we believe it’s important to really do the things we say we do here at Happier Beauty without any greenwashing. 

At Happier Beauty, we believe there is a better way of doing business than the usual capitalist way, pursuing profit at all costs. Our ambition for Happier Beauty is about more than money. Our goal has always been to create a company which is good for shareholders whilst also making a genuinely positive impact on the planet, and everyone who comes into contact with us - employees, communities, suppliers and customers.