How to Celebrate the Jubilee Weekend Sustainably!

Hands up who else is looking forward to the upcoming three-day weekend that celebrates our dear old monarch, Queen Elizabeth?!

Here at Happier Beauty, we’ll be dusting off our (recyclable) party hats and praying for some sunshine to celebrate the Queen’s impressive 70-year reign – and we can’t wait!

If that’s on the cards for you too and you’re wondering how to celebrate in the most sustainable way, here’s how you can enjoy a good knees-up without harming our beautiful earth…

Happier Beauty red white blue jubilee bunting hung across green trees

A Royal Celebration: the Sustainable Way

Friday, 3rd June 2022 is a date for our diaries because it kicks off the much-anticipated Platinum Jubilee celebrations, and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate – but one thing we won’t be doing is partying at the expense of the environment. We are firm believers that a good time shouldn’t cause any harm to anyone – and that includes the planet.

Here’s how to enjoy the Jubilee celebrations in a sustainable manner:

Fly a Flag… (That You Made at Home)

Many homes and businesses are flying Union Jack flags in honour of Her Majesty; but instead of buying one that may or may not have been made from sustainably-sourced fabric, why not make your own out of second-hand material or any old clothing you have at home. This can also be a fun way to teach the kids how much fun upcycling can be!

Bake – Don’t Buy!

This is also an excellent way to be financially resourceful

Baking your Jubilee bread, buns, cakes, tarts, quiches, and whatever else takes your fancy is a cost-effective and sustainable way to enjoy a good feast to celebrate the ole royal gal. Stock up (responsibly) on flour, butter of choice, sugar, and other delicious components to make some tasty Jubilee eats.

Happier Beauty home made pavlova with union jack design made from strawberries, blueberries and cream

Make Your Own Decs!

Again, using up items found at home, or in second-hand stores can be a great way to create some excellent and sustainable red, white and blue decorations. Anything from old uniforms, posters, rosettes, Christmas decorations, and so on can make some creative and inspiring decs for the celebrations.

Bring Your Own Plates…

…and cups/glasses/cutlery. One of the biggest environmental problems this Jubilee weekend will be the excessive use of disposable eat-ware. Tupperware can also be a good shout to avoid covering plates of food in cling film. If you do feel that buying disposable items is the way forward, look for biodegradable options.

Shop Responsibly

Nothing will ruin your fellow neighbour’s weekend more than people panic-buying or going over the top and leaving the shelves bare. Everyone has the right to celebrate, and to enjoy some delicious treats in the name of Queen Lizzie, so shop responsibly!

Happier Beauty jubilee party food

Be Mindful of Food Waste

One of the biggest problems the UK faces in terms of sustainability is food waste. Whilst it can be difficult to gauge how much food to make for a Jubilee street party or gathering, and of course, it’s unlikely every last crumb will be mopped up by your guests, there are ways to ensure leftover food doesn’t end up in the bin. If you’re wondering what can be done about any food left over on a larger scale, you can download the food app Olio and list it on there. Olio is designed to connect people with surplus food with those nearby who may be in need.

Here at Happier Beauty, we would just like to wish you a happy, healthy, and sustainable Platinum Jubilee weekend!

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