News and updates from Happier! 💚

  • How to Celebrate the Jubilee Weekend Sustainably!

    Hands up who else is looking forward to the upcoming three-day weekend that celebrates our dear old monarch, Queen Elizabeth?! Here at Happier Beau...
  • Sustainable Water Week: A Guide to Ethical Water Use

    Here at Happier Beauty, we’re celebrating Sustainable Water Week, which looks at how we can manage our water resources in an ethical manner, so everyone has access to enough water – from domestic households to agriculture and industrial sectors
  • Are You Ready To Smile for National Smile Month?

    Did you know May 16 – June 16 is National Smile Month, which is a campaign created by our friends over at Oral Health Foundation in a bid to raise awareness of the importance of good oral health and hygiene. Here at Happier Beauty, we understand that a good smile begins with healthy teeth and gums. So, if you like the very best for your teeth and gums (which won’t harm the environment), check out our National Smile Month blog for more info

  • The 5 ‘Rs’ of Zero-Waste Principles

    Managing your carbon footprint within your busy daily life shouldn’t be a challenge, so here are five simple practices which will help you look after the planet!
  • Happier Beauty’s Black Friday Plan

    Black Friday can be the perfect opportunity to buy an item you’ve had your eye on for a while, tick off your Christmas gift list with big savings, or treat yourself to something to cheer up this cold dark season. In this blog we look at alternative approaches, how to shop more sustainably this year, and what Happier Beauty has planned for Black Friday 2021.
  • What is COP26 – and why does it matter?

    It could be a landmark turning point in the global response to climate change – and it starts in Glasgow on 31st October 2021. So what exactly is COP26, and why should we care about the outcome?
  • Why does Happier Beauty toothpaste contain fluoride?

    If you’re investigating toothpaste ingredients, it probably won’t be long before you come across a debate on fluoride. Some people have very strong...
  • Seven Easy Sustainable Bathroom Swaps

    If you’re taking steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle, the bathroom is a great place to start. Lots of beauty products and toiletries are pl...
  • History of the Greenham Common protests 1981-2001

    On International Women's Day lets celebrate these incredible women who successfully protested for over 15 years on behalf of the Earth, their children's future and for the future of the living world 💚 An amazing article about the women protesters at Greenham Common from www.vintag.es.
  • Simple ways to give your bathroom a green-over 💚

    Our kitchens are often a hot topic when it comes to sustainable choices. But isn’t it just as important to take a look at what’s going on in our bathrooms?