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Postal packaging

At Happier Beauty our post packaging is a large part of the impact we make and so we constantly review it to make sure it is the most environmentally sound option we can find. Since we launched Happier we have already improved the sustainability of our post packaging at least twice. We buy in small amounts to reduce packaging waste.

Our padded envelopes are fully recyclable. They are 100% paper and are both FSC and Aticelca 501 certified. At Happier Beauty we pay extra for high quality envelopes so you can reuse it, and hopefully it can be reused many times.

The tissue we use to protect our aluminium tubes from getting dented whilst in transit is 100% recycled, and is of course, recyclable too.

We use 100% recycled paper stock for the info insert and thank you card in your order. 

And finally, both the address sticker and the Happier Beauty logo sticker on the envelope are made from 100% recycled paper stock, and can also be recycled too ❤︎