Better-for-you Ingredients

Have you read the ingredient list on your usual toothpaste? Most toothpastes have ingredients which need a chemistry qualification to understand! We are open and transparent with our ingredients, explain what each ingredient does and why we've included it in our toothpaste.

We don't use SLS, triclosan, parabens, petrochemicals, colours, artificial flavours or artificial sweeteners. Every ingredient has been carefully chosen for it's optimum balance of effectiveness with minimal impact on us and the planet.

Happier Beauty toothpaste is now registered by The Vegan Society giving you peace of mind.Happier Beauty Vegan SocietyOur Ingredients

Hydroxyapatite is the mineral used by our bodies to make our teeth and bones. It is highly biocompatible with us and the planet. Hydroxyapatite works with fluoride to replace lost minerals in your tooth enamel. It can help to strengthen soft spots in your enamel, reduce sensitivity and improve whiteness.

Papain is an enzyme from papaya fruit. It helps to stop new stains sticking to your teeth.

Vitamin E (tocopherol) is a well known antioxidant, and is widely used in skincare. Antioxidants like vitamin E can help to reduce inflammation in your gum tissue.

Potassium citrate gently helps sensitive teeth. It is a form of the mineral potassium.

100% natural flavour. We use a unique combination of 4 natural flavours to give Happier Beauty Toothpaste it's distinctive intense fresh and minty taste.

Cocomidopropyl betaine. Toothpaste needs a little foam to help lift debris from your teeth and gums. Coconut oil has been lightly processed to give a gentle foamer (this is the least processed foamer we can find).

Stevioside. We don't use artificial sweeteners. We use a tiny bit of natural Stevia to sweeten Happier Beauty Toothpaste.

Hydrated silica helps to gently remove old stains. We use a patented blend of soft rounded silica to help remove stains on your teeth without abrasion.

Fluoride is a well known mineral which helps to prevent tooth decay. It works alongside hydroxyapatite to replace lost minerals and strengthen your tooth enamel. We use fluoride at 1450ppm which is the amount recommended by dental experts.

Glycerin. We use a plant based glycerin to stop Happier Beauty Toothpaste from drying out. 

Water is used to make Happier Beauty Toothpaste runny so it can be squeezed out of the tube easily.

Cellulose gum is sourced from plants and helps to keep Happier Beauty Toothpaste always squeezable. 

Limonene is a naturally occurring component of our natural flavours.