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Squeeze Key

Squeeze Key

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Introducing the Happier Beauty Squeeze Key.

✰ 100% plastic free.
✰ Reusable on all aluminium tubes.
✰ Minimises waste.
✰ Helps prep your tubes for recycling.
✰ Wins all round ☺

This is the perfect tool to help you squeeze out every dribble of toothpaste from your tube. Not only does it minimise toothpaste waste, it will help get your tube ready for recycling 

The Squeeze Key is reusable and can be used on all aluminium tubes, so perfect for creams, scrubs or even your tomato puree!

To use, slide the key onto the end of your tube. Twist the key to start rolling the tube. Keep the key rolling up the tube until you've squeezed out every drop. Then slide the key out and reuse on your next tube of Happier Beauty toothpaste!  

Packaging which doesn't cost the Earth.
Every year over 1 billion single-use plastic toothpaste tubes get thrown away. Yes. 1 BILLION! Our tubes are traditional aluminium. They are super efficient to recycle. The Easy Squeeze Key helps to empty your aluminium tubes before recycling.

Plus, our postal packaging is designed to be reused. We pay more for higher quality packaging so it can be reused over and over again 

Made from 100% metal alloy

✰ Free UK shipping ✰

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